With an outlook of searching for spaces that address senses outside of visuals, the Garden Museum was chosen
due to the prominence of planting and texture. The distinction between indoors and outdoors, the built
environment and the natural world, is subtle. The modern intervention by Dow Jones creates a contemporary
peristyle that circles a garden and allows circulation between visitors to the museum and locals seeking
naturalistic respite. Due to dilapidation and gloom, the original church building was de-consecrated in 1972.
Upon finding the tomb of John Tradescant the Elder and Younger within the churchyard, John and Rosemary
Nicholson were inspired to set up the first museum dedicated to gardening in the world. The plants used within
the axonometric collages have been taken from the Tradescants original drawings. The model to the right
was created to demonstrate the minimal barrier between the clean interior spaces and wild outdoor spaces.

John Tradescant The Elder

John Tradescant The Younger

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