This project attempts to bridge a gap between the needs of a contemporary Bethnal Green community with
its historical past. An area that was once a place of English Commons, land which had no owner and could be
freely used for all, have been swallowed up by the industrialism of the roaring city. When asked what element
of a new architectural scheme would be most preferred by locals, an overwhelming answer was nature. This
has created an intersection of the Modernist mixed-used schemes of the 20th century with the romanticisation
of the Pastoral from the 19th century. This city within the city is also versed with the country, allowing a
dichotomy of urban and rural within a small footprint. The design includes places of production to interact
with local business, places of community and athletic leisure to support a healthy lifestyle, places of comfort
to house the residents of Tower Hamlets and places of wild garden to bring back the commons to the city.
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